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Everyone is beautiful in their own skin – but they can be pretty powerful with the right fashion choices!

Right fashion only amplifies what is already there, making it look more empowering and commanding in the room – and that exactly is what FOXY stands for!

Having a significant place in Asian folklore and culture, FOX is a widely celebrated symbol of growth, resilience, independence, and clever problem-solving.

We have simply amalgamated all these adjectives and translated them into fashion dialect by creating pieces that make YOU feel like the best version of YOURSELF. Every single product has been created with a concept and thought to make YOU the center of attention and set you apart!

Functionality Is The New Luxury!!!

FOXY is here to give you pieces that not only resonate with you in the moment, but stay relevant forever. We, as a brand, are focused on creating functional wardrobes with apparel options that make you feel good about your purchases and choices even a few years later.

Specifically focusing on classic, timeless and ever-green designs – every product has a unique story to tell with a touch of modern elegance that amplifies its impact.

Every article has been well-thought through, so that no matter what you wear, it works with it and elevates the look.

Amplifying What Is Already There!

If you are slaying a plain and effortless look, there should be ONE item that makes you feel and look uplifted – FOXY’s range has been created to give you that ‘ONE ITEM’.

Resilience, confidence and strength is something that already resides inside you – FOXY only aims to give it a lingo of expression. With strong fashion choices, you can create an aura of command in the room that gives you a stage to truly showcase yourself to your full potential.

‘’Style is your way to speak who you are without having to speak’’ – YES! LET FOXY DO THE TALKING!

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